Son Lux – Easy


I fear I am suffering from life vertigo. Life vertigo being a state where I cannot stand up straight. I cannot get my balance. I feel the sides of my head weighing heavy like an uneven vessel and the cargo is getting tossed back and forth. Not too sure where to come up, but the taste of sick is lingering in my mouth as I flip through my near full inbox and notice I missed the call.

We constantly go through states of chaos and calm and adjust accordingly as this life. I am currently in the former. It is a time where I yearn for what used to be the chaos and I know realize was the smooth sailing.  I am a list writer, a day-week-month planner, type-A. I know this. And I feel like I am suffering from phantom mind syndrome.

This track from Son Lux has an organized, chaotic feel. The levels of sound he introduces are as haunting as they are beautiful. Even for those with a busy mind, you trace the sounds which could easily be someone rubbing their finger around the rim of a wine glass, perhaps playing a saw which is then punctuated with the deep beat of horn. Son Lux has done remarkable work orchestrating tracks for several feature films as well as working with some massive names in both hip hop and alternative music.

Easy is a single from the album Lanterns which released October 2013.

Son Lux – Easy