Robyn – Hang With Me

I was browsing online yesterday for New Years Eve events in my city. I’m not sure why I had high expectations, but man, what a letdown. What about the people who don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars at a Hollywood club or rave their faces off ‘til dawn?

Full disclosure: I attended a number of NYE raves during high school and one in college. But now, as a sophisticated elderly man, I’m looking for something quieter and more highbrow.

Perhaps I’ll don my smoking jacket and read a spot of Dickens while lounging on a bearskin rug. Or I’ll slip into my tailored CK suit and reserve a corner table and indulge in a molecular gastronomy tasting menu.

JK, I’m a recent grad living paycheck to paycheck! So for NYE 2014, I think I’ll gather with some friends from back in the day, order some bulk hot wings, drink embarrassing quantities of middle-of-the-road beer and champagne, bust out the old iPod and dance like a madman to Robyn.

And really, what could be better than that?

Robyn – Hang With Me