Gayngs – Faded High


The festivities have ended.

On New Years Eve my friend slow-cooked 10 lbs of pork shoulder. It came off the grill at 1am, and was completely gone by 2am. I was personally responsible for consuming at least a pound within 20 minutes.

Disgusting? Yes. Feel great in the morning? No. Cat licking grease from my face at 5am? Kinda cute.

It was an appropriate climax to the always wonderful and exhausting holiday season. Two plus weeks of feasting, drinking to excess, staying out late, hobnobbing at your parents’ random friends’ parties…there’s a reason we don’t do that all year.

We look forward to these few weeks because of their abnormality in relation to our regular routine. And we even place them on a pedestal. When else do you get fed and gifted and let off from work?

The holiday weeks are a drug that, when properly dosed, give us our fix and get us through the 350+ days til next year’s injection. But, like any drug, the weeks have a comedown.

After all the lobster and goose, the imported wines and local craft brews, you can only go down. Back to simplicity: buttered toast, an overripe banana, a handful of almonds.

Here’s a trippy Gayngs (a supergroup of 22 musicians including Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon) track to help you through the champagne-less days to come.

Happy New Year everyone.

Gayngs – Faded High