Damien Jurado – Silver Timothy


The end of January is a tough time. You are burnt out of winter. You may have made some New Year’s Resolution which you are still trying to commit to. You are probably over the solemn tunes of Winter in search of the delightful sounds of Spring.

Hopefully, this little number will answer that call.

Silver Timothy is a recent release from Damien Jurado. From the moment this song opens, you can feel the neo-psychedelic  tones pull you in. Reminiscent of an early 70’s tune where the soft sway of the dilapidated flower children stirs the sound waves in the room. Damien Jurado has been releasing music since the ’90s, and has just recently released his a new solo album Brother and Sister of the Eternal Son on January 21.

On this album you can find this among other soothing gems to rest your weary winter bones. My recommendation is playing this song as you pull down your dusty cut-offs and let a moment of light and Spring enter the air.

Damien Jurado – Silver Timothy