Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Feat. Jess Glynne)

A song becomes more powerful when you can relate to it on multiple levels. The first time I heard this song, I was in my new office, at my new desk, 5,000 miles away from where I was living a week earlier. Thankfully this office is now in England which is where the group Clean Bandit came to be formed. And this is where I heard this song for the first time.

The first time I heard this, aside from just freezing as any song which opens with a stringy instrument  playing already has my heart, I thought this song was about just being with the one you love. I recently read an interesting statistic that 70% of all songs created are love songs.

But then the song grew legs. Like my own personal anthem. Being exactly where you need to be. Not just about love, but about the place. Or more accurate even serendipity, or “fortuitous happenstance”. Which until now I thought meant more along the lines of right-place-right-time, but really means an accidental encounter with something you were not searching for. One of my favourite words in the dictionary.

I guess the two often go hand in hand. Many of our sayings we say go along the lines of “whatever will be will be”  or “if its meant to happen it will” or I guess more abstractly “a watched pot never boils” – which could be taken as meaning change doesn’t come when you are looking for it. We are told these things just happen. But I think serendipity is another thing all together. It is accidental but you wanted it all along. You didn’t know what you were missing until you had it and realised you cannot live without it. Whether the song is about a place or a person or a the feeling of being right where you belong, this song is meant to be an anthem. Something to be sung. Something to be danced to.

Clean Bandit has put a lot of love in to this, undoubtably, summer banger for us all. So hopefully you will happen upon this little treasure and it can remind you you are just where you are supposed to be. They are sure to have a few more treats for us on the expected May 2014 release of their album from Atlantic Records. For now, live in this moment and play this tune.

Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Feat. Jess Glynne)