Romare – Down The Line (It Takes a Number)

down the line

There’s no denying the gravitational sway of this track. Irresistible in every sense of the word, this throbbing bass line will arrest you. As I always say, there’s nothing like a voluptuous beat paired with some primal grunting to get you in the mood for … well, the weekend.

This track oozes a certain savoir faire reminiscent of the spirit of *jazz.* Romare is a brilliant British beat-maker whose work (see album: Mediations on Afrocentrism) emulates a sort of rare feeling of release, echoic of the true nature of jazz as a historically experimental art form. He samples unique excerpts from speeches, interviews, and film recordings— all in all, it’s a melange of sultry brilliance that screams liberation.

Many thanks to Bonobo for including Romare on his Late Night Tales album. This is pure innovation equipped with a magnitude of resonance that may render you in a state of perpetual (subconsious?) gyration for the rest of your day. Dig.

Romare – Down The Line (It Takes a Number)