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Mapei – Don’t Wait (The Driver Edit)

Cyrus wrote a post earlier this week about living in extremes, and I can’t help but feel like there’s something in the air that’s making us all somehow exist on the same wavelength in this month. It might be the Spring weather that teased us last weekend in New York, the following weeklong headache that ensued thanks to a mid-week snow storm, or the strangely synced up astrological patterns of April. Whatever it is, I’ve been thinking non-stop about my fluctuation of moods. I couldn’t put my finger on it all week, and I eventually broke down in tears for no reason only to realize shortly after that I was so thankful for that breakdown. Whatever it was that this week had in store for me was building up to one moment and it was all going to be okay, whatever that moment was. This week, I experienced a range of emotions including extreme anger, and total sadness, then utter and uninhibited joy. And all of these things came together to make me realize that I was not only successfully going through the motions of life, but that I was doing so passionately.

Living in extremes is incredible. It’s something that requires skill and courage. But give yourself some credit for your ability to go through the trials and tribulations of life, because we don’t always need to numb it down and neutralize our brains. We’re capable of experiencing the full array of pitches that come our way — it’s just a question of whether or not we actually want to. But not wanting to means not wanting to live and fully participate, so what’s the other option? This city is a treasure chest of discovery every single day, and while it’s easy to get frustrated about the fact that one may not always meet the right people who are on the same levels of energy at any given point, it’s truly something worth relishing once found. It makes that discovery truly treasure, and if there is a connection to be had, that connection is all the more powerful.

I think that’s why this song fits in with this week. It’s a Friday jam with Monday’s sensitivity. The original track was one that played over and over in my house when my roommate and I first heard it, and this edit only amps up the original quality in a way that truly transcends. The slight beat change matches almost too well to make it quite literally, the perfect edit. If you look up The Driver on Google though, you won’t find much. He’s relatively new, based out of SF. After having spoken to him and having the pleasure of knowing that we’re both musical obsessors, I can assure you that he will be cranking out more music and more of a social presence on the internet in the coming months. In the meantime, let this sensual tune help you experience and find an emotion perhaps you were too scared to experience earlier this week. Once found, promise that you’ll just go with it.

Maipei – Don’t Wait (The Driver Edit)