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New Navy – Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)  

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When we last heard from New Navy, the Aussies were covering Telepopmusik’s “Breath.” This time, the boys get a rework from compatriot Flume, who has blown up considerably since I first saw him with twenty other people in the basement of Cake Shop (NYC) last year.

Here, Flume exhibits a lighter touch than usual, turning “Zimbabwe” from sparkling, tight guitar pop to chilled-out comedown soundtrack material. The hazy piano droplets fade into a jazzy bass line and tom-heavy drum track, while manipulated vocals layer atop harps and claps identified with modern nu-disco.

We’ve been trending this way for a few weeks now, but I guess it’s officially the season of the summer jam. I’m not talking the “song of the summer.” That’s a total misnomer dependent on marketing budgets and complicit media. Summer jams are the ever-present soundtrack to the season, memorable not for their merits, but for the memories they accompany.

Show of hands, who remembers the song that was playing during your first kiss? In most cases, I’ll bet it was a summer jam. I imagine it was the case for my dad, all those years ago at camp, to Roy Orbison or The Beach Boys. And it will likely be the case for my grandchildren, to whatever insanoid computer music kids are into a few decades down the road. That’s really my dream as a music blogger: one of you will download this track, throw it on a party playlist, and let it serve as the backdrop for an eternal memory.

And yes, my first kiss was to AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long.”  

New Navy – Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)