Saint Motel – My Type


Upbeat and incredibly catchy, “My Type” by Saint Motel is your perfect feel-good track for this happy friday. Within the first few seconds you’re hit with heavy brass and drums (sax trend alert!). The brass is fresh and modern with a splash of 70’s dance hall elements. The innocent simplicity of the lyrics makes me smile (“You’re just my type. You’ve got a pulse and you are breathing”). It also makes me think; where do our tastes develop? I’ve noticed a lot of couples that could pass as siblings. Does this make the pair narcissistic or boring in any way? Then there are the opposites. Is it the mystery that brings these couples together? And are there truly people out there who don’t have a ‘type’?

The human body is so complex, and my taste in a partner has evolved vastly since my first schoolgirl crush. It’s just about the opposite! My 10-year-old self loved Brian from Westlife and any other blond, baby-faced boy. Fast-forward 10 years and it’s all about the guys wearing Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots. And today my eyes are attuned to the dark-featured, rugged outdoorsman type. Who the hell knows where these tastes come from, and why some are so prevalent at certain times in our lives. At a subconscious level, mine can probably be attributed to curiosity; I’ve never been drawn to partners with the same background as me. That being said… I could very well get married to a half-English, half-American, half-white, half-black man. The only predictable thing about life is unpredictability! A lot of the time you won’t know your type till you see a person with certain aesthetically-pleasing features, primed just for your current stage in life. What is your type? Why?

Saint Motel is a 4-piece band from LA. If you want more upbeat music like “My Type” check out their 2 albums and multiple singles.

Saint Motel – My Type