Nao vs. A. K. Paul – So Good

I hope you’re feeling funky today.. that good kind of funk. I’ll take my funk in music as well as in beer. Yes, beer. Did you know- in Belgian sour beers, many Brew Masters intentionally input infections into their aging beer? This produces the “funk” much loved by myself. Go try one for yourself! This is fresh on my mind because I just tried an interesting beer called “Love Child No. 4”. It’s by-far the funkiest beer to touch my lips. Of course I went back for seconds!

Anyway, back to the music. Nao is a British soul singer from the East London Borough of Hackney. She partnered up with A.K. Paul for this fresh track. I scoured the internet for information on A.K., but the majority of sources reference him as “Jai Paul’s Brother”. Hopefully with the release of songs as catchy as “So Good”, he’ll become more distinguishable by name. He has done production work with Big Boi and Jesse Ware, among others, and seems to be shaking things up. Nao is brand new on the scene.

From steel drum-esque sounds to harmonious soulful vocals, this song is a work of art the whole way through.

Nao vs. A.K Paul – So Good