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Riches to riches.

In order to propagate the current business model the matrix uses the concept of success as a tool to keep people dreaming. I.e. if you work really hard that will lead to the all the success and accomplishment you need to be happy. Similarly, the concept of retirement is used to keep us looking into the distance while wasting our lives away in linear pre made patterns. It’s an assassination of the moment.

Further and even more perplexing is the fact that success is often measured by antiquated currencies. You can have a $200,000 a year job and spend 14 hour days in the office, work 2 weekends a month, barely see your family and what little vacation you take must be kept short at risk of being fired. Your money is worth less and less due to the currency wars, quantitive easing and taxes. So even with “success” as we currently know it are you really successful in these conditions?

In the Space Age we’ll need to leave behind the already fading and failing currency of the past and understand the true currencies of the future – time, privacy, information and mobility. No longer can we wait to be successful or for the ever elusive retirement to enjoy life. All of those concepts are traps. How mobile are you, can you work from the road today to go explore Saigon? Or are you obligated to be at the same place every single day, at the same time, every week of every year?

You’ll always be in jail ni$&@, just minus the bars…” – JAY Z

It’s time to redefine success by understanding that we already have it. This concept that we’re born unsuccessful and then have to work our way up to “success” is a fallacy. Just like retirement is flawed in the sense that we give up the best years of our lives in the present to have some pot of gold in the future. Life is happening now and we already own success. Just like science discovers things that were already there, we have to realize that everything we want already exist, we just have to have the right perspective, look through the right magnifying lens and manifest it. The idea that corporations will set our path and be our guards has been proven to be nonsense. Microsoft is going to lay off 18,000 employees and they’re stock will go up because of it. That’s the old age, take control and be your own guard. Welcome to the Space Age.

ParadisFM – Garde Le Pour Toi