Disclosure & Friend Within – The Mechanism

At Coachella this year Lana del Rey bought us in to her fascinating world of retro futuristic glamour, Flosstradamus turned the place into an absolute zoo with their hip hop meets punk mosh put over the top style and Disclosure simply brought groove to the Space Age. Those three acts couldn’t be further apart from each other in every way possible but that’s the beauty of festivals, it let’s you curate you’re own experience. The later really stuck with me for some reason, there was something about that clean but groove infused sound mixed with the beautiful natural landscape and wavy people that felt good. The Disclosure visual show is simple but extremely well done and captivating. The juxtaposition of it all made for a perfect recipe in timing and timelessness. It’s hard to not like Disclosure when you hear them, it’s hard not to love them when you see them live.

The Mechanism is a song that dropped a few days after that Coachella set. There’s a speech in the song that perfectly captures my moment in life right now.

So one of the things I need y’all to do for me is you gotta know that it’s coming. 

That’s such a powerful, deep message. In life you can catch momentum and lose momentum for myriad of reasons. Sometimes they’re external but most often it’s our own cognitive biases that allow us to be our own worst enemies. We work so hard to get to a certain point but a large majority of people break down when they actual manifest the very thing they wanted. It’s like they never really believed they could do it in the first place that when it happens it shows. Your mind will create whatever you want, respect your mind because the second you think something you better believe the universe is in action…

And once you know it’s coming, once you know it’s coming, stay in the zone!
Stay in your body. Increase your maximum level. …”

When the day comes, when the stage lights go on and it’s time for you do be who you wanted to be so bad keep believing in yourself. The zone is what got you there, the zone is what’s going to let you ride the wave –

It’s one simple reason..
The mechanism of incessant, incessant, habitual conceptualization.
Creation of ideas, goals and frameworks that are turned over.
Completed, to the friend within…

This is the secret they don’t want you to know: The only tool you need, the one that has allowed the most powerful men in the world to reach unheard of levels of success, rulers to dominate, spiritual leaders to heal and influence, the one tool that has made every single thing around you possible is at your disposal right now. It’s not money, it’s not guns. This tool created those too. It’s your mind. It’s the mechanism that makes the world go round, enjoy!

Disclosure & Friend Within – The Mechanism