Gotye – Puzzle With A Piece Missing

I am excited to celebrate breaking 30,000 words for Et Musique Pour Tous with an exceedingly lazy post. You see, I’m caught with my proverbial pants down tonight, far from home with someone I love, at least half a bottle of Bourgogne and seven Drake’s Bay oysters settled comfortably in my belly.

Writing for this blog is truly a pleasure, but there are days where I’m like, oh shit, I have to write a post. Because, as Jalen Rose (and the O’Jays, and Jimmy Cliff) says, gotta give the people what they want. I’ve been writing for EMPT for almost exactly a year, approximately 80 single spaced pages in size 11 Cambria. Imagine if I’d devoted the hours to learning ukelele…

If I had, I’d be sitting alone or with a small group, tinkling out simple chords. Instead, I am honored to share music for all. Some people play, some sing. I write.

My love for Gotye is well established, especially for his first album, “Like Drawing Blood.” “Puzzle With  A Piece Missing” is a true masterpiece, winding the through smoky hallways behind a creepy carnival tent. I could get meta per usual, but I’ll leave it at that. Though it may be apocryphal, the oysters and fine wine serve as my cupid’s arrow tonight.

Much love to the fans, exit stage left.

Gotye – Puzzle With A Piece Missing