Banks – Drowning (Glass Animals Remix)


The current trend in music appears to point all signs to female sirens singing the tragic tales of love. Lana del Rey, Lorde, Birdy, and Daughter are a few who come to mind who could have all been friends or dated the same guy. But if you ask any girl, we have all dated him.

Even if we are not anymore, there is something about all of these girls and their sad songs that keeps us all pining for more. I feel like it must be something we all do when you get dumped or stood up or pulled around, that you immediately put on that mix. The one that lets you feel sad because you want to. The sane thing would obviously be to listen to happy music and think happy thoughts. I think most people are little masochistic though. There is something we all get from it. Picking the scabs of those emotions. Sharing the battle scars from lovers.

This remix takes the wickedly dark and catchy track from BANKS and spins it into realness. Glass Animals have been getting quite a reputation around London with their not-to-be-missed live shows and ability to get you grooving to a sad song. Dave Baylay from Glass Animals released this track and the outcome is some funky instrumental getting you up and BANKS vocals bringing you down.

So add this one to your break-up mix.

Banks – Drowning (Glass Animals Remix)