Rustie – Attak (Featuring Danny Brown)

I feel the need to apologise. Every Wednesday (being my day to write) has been a struggle and release. I realise that many people come to the site to take a break and read through some little thoughts or big thoughts, insight on music, etc. But I use it as a release too. Whatever I am thinking, whatever is bothering me, is released here this day of the week. And as of late, some of it reads a bit heavy. But I need a release, too.

As much of my recent posts may indicate, I am exhausted. Feeling overworked and actually had to schedule in time to do something fun between jobs and going back to school and a relationship and then just dealing with personal me.

So tonight I scheduled in time for fun and ended up at a cinema watching Austin Powers in a hot tub in an old tube station in London with a wrist wallet full of tokens to buy beer and it was amazing. The movie was one part, but then it just turned in to a dance party with a perfect playlist and a DJ dressed as a giraffe. I thought about the last few Wednesdays I have had and realised that I don’t remember going out on a Wednesday since I left LA for London almost six months ago.

Walking home, I couldn’t stop smiling even though part of my head was thinking about what I needed to do as soon as I got home and the other was, “I need to do this more often”.

I am grateful for the life I have and being able to do all of this and sometimes it takes scheduling a few hours of fun in to your calendar and sticking to it like it is the most important meeting of your day and ending up in a hot tub.

I feel like it is the part in the movie where the sort of cliche music comes on when the person realises they are fine and everything is as it should be. But since this is better than a movie and it is real life and EMPT, we have some Danny Brown instead.

Happy Wednesday. If you are on the other side of the world, make it a good night.

Rustie – Attak (feat. Danny Brown)