Sylvan Esso – Coffee

This song is a paradox. It’s the type that can chill your mind while at the same time making you want to jig with it. The subtle synth and soft female vocals with occasional dings of bells come together quite nicely.

Get up, get down

Sylvan Esso is comprised of Amelia Meath on vocals and Nick Sanborn on instrumentals. I love the way Amelia sings these 4 words above. After listening to the song and having it stuck in my head, I’ve often finding myself singing this sentence almost subconsciously. Catchy! Get up and dance, get down to the beat.

This song speaks to me because I love dancing! Bouncing on my feet to feel-good music is a great way to spend an evening. Although this song isn’t likely one I’d be moving to, it does a good job of making me want to get up at the next opportunity. Perhaps a type of gateway song to a dancing mood. Enjoy!

Sylvan Esso – Coffee