Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Inspiration Information

Just having fun, just laughing smiling having fun…”

Here I am sitting by the beach curating the music for a steakhouse in the 49ers stadium. My dad came from the smallest of small towns in the Dominican Republic, I mean small like they just got a full electrical system a decade ago man. The Playlist Generation has  software that can run on WiFi so I can take my Air and do my job from anywhere in the world. My dads town didn’t even have a phone man. When they finally got a line, we use to have to schedule phone calls with my grandmother in advance because there was only one person in the town with a line. Ask my sister, our Grandmother had to be there at exactly that time for us to speak with her.

Now I’m sitting by the beach in California using wireless software on a computer the size of an envelope curating music for the world, helping one of my best friends build a company. Do you know what that means to me? I swear man, it makes me cry sometimes. I’m thankful for my grandparents, dad, my mom, for Dr. Walter Turnbull and for Michael Smith…

You, making me happier,
Now I am snappier while I’m with you.”

Saying that we’ve come along way doesn’t do it justice. I hope anyone around me understands why I don’t wanna ill or have little sympathy for first world problems. Ask my little brother, when we first moved to New York we lived in a studio apartment for like a year before we got a proper place. Thankfully we we’re little midgets back then, that was 3 kids to one bed. I sung for Nelson Mandela when I was 13, I sung Blackbird with a Beatle man. I could go to Paris tomorrow, curate amazing list and bring my mom with me if I feel like it. Do you know what that means to me? Don’t talk to me about nonsense man, talk to me about lovely things.

My perspective is deep-rooted and I’m thankful for those who came before me, your lives are what make mine and I’ll do everything I can to show how much I appreciate it. Everything you tell me, everything you’ve done is my Inspiration Information. I’ll never disrespect that progress by taking it for granted or being unappreciative or indulging in any wackness.

Jumping, laughing, smiling, having fun.
Laughing, smiling, loving, get on down.
Smiling, laughing, loving, get on down.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Inspiration Information