Music Remixes

James Bay – Let It Go (Bearson Remix)

Bearson took James Bay’s down-tempo “Let It Go”, sped it up and added multiple musical elements, transforming a pensive song into one of beauty.  The simplicity of the original captures James’s voice as the focal point, and sheds light on the melancholy subject at hand. This remix elevates the mood and mutates it into one that emits more than just sorrow. Whilst listening to this mix, I feel momentum– the added percussion is the key to the lightened mood.

It wasn’t until I actually listened to the original that I realized he was describing a deteriorated relationship! The body that Bearson adds draws the listener’s attention away from the subject and more on the beat- my passive listening style at the time was attuned to this aspect. The first time I heard it, I only really caught onto the lines that emphasize individuality of both partners…

Why don’t you be you,
And I’ll be me

One thing that scares me about relationships is the possibility of melding two individuals into seemingly one being. We’ve all seen it (or even lived it)! The thing is… I like being ME! I understand that a relationship involves concessions, but where does the line stop? At what point are these concessions altering my personality- my core? Is it so unrealistic to think that my partner won’t try and change me? In a perfect world, I’d meet a partner who understands me wholly and accepts the positives and negatives that my personality holds, who appreciates my differences, and allows me to be my weird self. BUT.. this world is far from perfect. And that’s what makes it interesting. So I continue to actively meet people, hoping that one might spark my interest; someone who appreciates my quirks instead of admonishing them! Who wants a partnership like that?

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