Anderson Paak – Miss Right

First of all, this is the jam. California native Anderson Paak’s brand of music is about as stylish, modern and fresh as they come. His debut album “Venice” is a proclamation of his love for California to which I can most certainly relate. January of 2015 marks my 3rd year of West Coasting’ and not one day goes by that I regret moving out here. In fact, I’m developing a deep affection for LA that gets stronger by the second. You have to live here to know, but there’s something special happening in the City of Angels, especially in the arts. I mean for Hedi Slimane to setup shop in LA should be an indication of the creative energy flowing through here.

Cause lately my whole being just wants what it needs…”

I love those lyrics and it sums up all my decision-making and path taking these days—it’s all kinesthetic. I’ve spent a long time trying to understand things through thought, but I’m learning that’s just not enough. To find what you need from life you have to listen to your gut, the vibrations of nature and allow those truths to guide you.

Everything changes when you do that, consumerism and materialism take a backseat to essentialism. Like it or not, many of our desires are manufactured through the marketing machine that is culture. These synthetic desires become so ingrained in us that it becomes hard to distinguish between essential and commercial. It runs so deep that we’ve been programmed to think that listening to yourself, using your imagination and thinking outside of the set parameters are taboo. That’s why those lyrics resonate with me because it symbolizes a person in tune with higher laws. In this instance, Anderson .Paak is speaking of love and there’s no better application. Love shouldn’t be hard or complicated, it should flow like water. Water doesn’t fight its surroundings, it takes the form of anything it encounters and overwhelms it. If it doesn’t flow like that then it’s not right; there’s not much thinking to do about it. If it doesn’t flow like that then you shouldn’t be in it. Word.