Joey Bada$$ – Piece of Mind

What’s life like now trying to figure out…”

Piece of Mind, my favorite Joey Bada$$ song of the moment starts off like that and it couldn’t be more appropriate with my ever-changing, forever growing wonder with life. I’ve been on earth in the physical form for 30 years and not a day goes by when I’m not in utter amazement at what an incredibly mysterious place this is. I watched the night turn to day on Saturday morning, up on my friends rooftop I saw the moon fade into the abyss while the almighty sun rose in all it’s grandeur. The colors of the sky changing and morphing in a way no description or picture could come anywhere close to capturing, it was surreal. As humans we’re so self-centered but that dawn I realized we’re not even close to the most interesting thing happening on earth. I mean we’re a part of that amazement but we separate ourselves because we’re self-centered. What’s even wilder is that we haven’t even fully developed the senses to fully perceive the world around us. That night I realized I know longer want to know, I want to wonder…

And what’s life like for me? It’s but a dream
Everything ain’t what it seems, up underneath
The surface is but a screen,
we only see what we know…”

We’re obsessed with certainty, its human nature to constantly want to acquire knowledge, grow and explore but are we even capable of understanding and learning what really going in the way we’ve been going about it? Can our eyes truly see the world around us as it is, are they the right tool for the job? Maybe it’s the third eye. We look at the world through programming as it is so how can we possibly wonder or embrace the mystery of this magical place while wearing these cultural and psychological blinders?

I really don’t know the answer to those questions but I think it has something to do with the imagination. Reason, logic, philosophy and all those human made tools are too limited, you really have to open your mind to something else. In this abstract way watching the sky go from night to day is such a majestic and beautiful way made me feel like there’s no reason for me to remain the same. If I die and my mind hasn’t evolved to Space Age levels then I’ve wasted my potential,

Bet next time you see us, we gonna be our best…”

This track puts me back in that mornings zone, where just looking at the massive sky was so much more mind-blowing, interesting and captivating than scrolling through a tumblr on Intstagram picture. It was simply too big and powerful for the iPhone, which in itself is a marvel. Peter Thiel talks about the power law, earthly things we obsess over have nothing on the creativity of our planet. Enjoy.