Disiz – Toussa Toussa

About a month ago I went on a serious French rap binge looking for music to curate a new spot called Bardot, Michael Mina’s new restaurant at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas . I came across so many jams during my hunt but one of my favorites is by French rapper/actor Sérigne M’Baye Gueye aka Disiz. Produced by Statik Selektah, this track is pure simplicity – Jazz over breaks. Great rappers bring tracks to life and that’s exactly what Disiz does to this beat, providing a barrage of flows that keep your mind dancing top to bottom as you try to keep up with the ever-changing and evolving flows and patterns. The song is about big talkers…

Ok, ok t’es un bandit, t’es un méchant, Toussa Toussa
T’as tué des gens, tu t’fais beaucoup d’argent, Toussa Toussa
A c’qui paraît tu rappes trop bien mais c’est quand ? Où ça ? Où ça ?”

Posing and fronting is an epidemic everywhere these days and we’re all victims of it. We expect people to look a certain way, to act a certain way—to be in a certain place in their lives. Most of those expectations aren’t even our own since they’re just driving by culture, but they certainly dictate how we navigate and interpret the world. Everyone’s growth throughout life is different and no matter what facade you and I put out when interacting with the real world that’s not going to change. Knowing that, why aren’t we all honest with each other when communicating? Fear has a lot to do with it, fear of rejection, of failure etc, but how much richer would our relationships be if the fear of being honest didn’t exist? Just something to think about, unfortunately I don’t have much time to get in to it today.

Anyways, after being blown away by the rap scene in the Dominican Republic and then listening to the best of French Hip Hop, my love for the international emcee is at an all time high. Paris is calling big time right now, I need to get out there and hang with these dudes. In the meantime, rocking to these dope ass records will do. Enjoy.