Crime of the Century

Imagine for a moment thinking that the very first person who gave you attention as a teenager was the best you could do. Having no life experience or understanding you think there’s no way you’ll find someone better and so you do drastic and desperate things to try to keep this person around, things that under any frame of judgement would be considered pathetic among a whole host of other psychological issues. This is the reality for a person ruled by fear. It’s more or less all our realities to varying degrees.

The truth is life is full of endless possibilities and not only will you meet someone else but also someone better, more in line with the truth you we’re brave enough to pursue. The universe has a way of rewarding people who stick to expressing themselves but a lack of trust in your own decisions will keep you running in place. Now I’m not talking fear in the sense of having someone hold a gun to your head, fear in that sense is an essential element of survival. I’m talking about the imaginary fear we have in our day to day lives. Fear of losing a job, fear of being alone, fear of being disliked, etc – these are the fears that make humans pathetic and insecure. The world is safer now than it’s ever been at any other point in history and yet there is more fear now than ever before.

Often times people think the solution to fear is fearlessness but that is a flawed assumption, one that usually comes from people who never actually do anything. Any world class performer will tell you that it’s not about overcoming fear, it’s about embracing the very struggle you’ve exaggerated in your imagination.

I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” – Mark Twain
How many times have you thought your life will never go on if something happened only to finally have it happen to realize that it wasn’t anywhere as bad as you thought. The sooner you embrace the very thing that is causing fear the sooner you’ll get over whatever imaginary world you’re creating around it. The problem is we see things as either heaven or hell but the bread and butter of life is in the middle.

Make decisions not in the light of positivity or the darkness of negativity but in the balance of neutrality.”

Time on earth is limited and when we spend it doing things because of fear we totally compromise having the most beautiful existence. You settle for a job you hate or you make a desperate move to keep a toxic relationship alive, fear makes people the worst version of themselves. We have to be vigilant when it comes to fear, vigilant about understanding how much we exaggerate things that don’t exist. A life lived in fear is the pathetic simply because we are capable of limitless expression. That means everything can be manifested or overcome through our power to create. However, we not only manifest positive but also negative and when you create from a place of fear there is no greater disrespect to that power, that is the crime of the century.

Supertramp – Crime of the Century

P.S. For the Hip Hop heads, this is the song Just Blaze sampled for ‘Breath,’ the Fabolous song. It’s an incredible song to begin with, great flip by Just. Don’t skip around and listen all the way through to get the full scope of this epic.