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The Human Must Travel

Consider yourself the luckiest human beings in the history of mankind.

We now live in a world where the lines between reality and virtual reality are so blurred it’s increasingly more difficult to separate the two. People find as much identity flaunting in their Instagram post as they do walking down the street. Some people take everything too far but overall I think it’s a beautiful thing and while there are still remnants of the past confusing our progress, we’re more in a matrix type existence that we’ve ever been and U.O.E.N.O it.

Our reality and our imaginations are coexisting like never before. Ray Kurzweil predicts that singularity will occur around 2045, I don’t know if you fools even listen to music but that shit is mind blowing. Unfortunately we’re stuck on pause and our culture hasn’t advanced as fast as our technology. Most of us don’t see this because we think progress and time move linearly but time is illmatic and the big secret is that progress, especially in terms of technology happens exponentially. That’s why we are the luckiest humans in history so far, we’re dead smack at the cusp of an exponential leap where the world as we know it will be completely left behind.

The universe is a projection, the Yogis have been saying that shit way before any of the technology we have existed yet here it is happening. All forms of distribution are being challenged, as are concepts of ownership, health and manufacturing. If you knew all the shit that’s brewing up you would think you’re living in a sci-fi movie which you are but we’ll save that for another time. The point is, shit is getting turned upside down yet here we are stuck in all the same cultural patterns, doing the same things, running the same movie over and over on loop. For the first time ever we have physical manifestations of the type of shit religious legends we’re doing – they’re 3D bioprinting organs playboy. The creative nature of the world is fully exposed now but we’re not traveling…

Our minds, hearts, souls and eyes must travel and now more than ever we have the power to do so. This power, one which is growing exponentially by the day, means we can explore and challenge everything we know. Our vision can go new places for art, we can explore new sounds and experience things in entirely new ways that simply we’rent possible. The internet has made it a joke for our expression to travel, Airbnb and similar concepts are just getting started and soon physical travel will be just as easy. With all this happening we have to unlearn…

We programmed your brain…

Just as technology is challenging things we must challenge things. I saw a Burberry ad on Sunset of two pretty models wearing a scarf, I have literally seen that same ad a million times in my life. Same thing with a Calvin ad, they didn’t make me travel, they made me sit on my couch feeling like I was watching a rerun over and over again. We have the power now and we can’t sit still anymore because the world is moving exponentially and so must we, we must travel.

Inspired by Diana Vreeland & Digital Artist Dark Triangles’ – Vision

Dark Triangles