Stephen Bradley – Runaways

This song makes me feel like I’m in the middle of one of those amazing dreams where you realize that you’re super attracted to some girl that you never really paid attention to before. The next time you see her in real life, everything has changed. All of a sudden you’re super nervous around her. Everything about her is more appealing, and now she’s skyrocketed to #1 on your list. What was it about the dream that made you see the girl differently? Or what was it about the girl that you didn’t understand before the dream? It’s almost like you actually shared an intimate night together, and you can’t help but wonder if she had the same dream and shares this sexy little secret with you.

It’s one of those almost-lucid dreams where you’re aware enough to know it’s not quite reality, but the dream is so much fun you can’t help but hope it continues. You’re pensive, but feel free at the same time. Nervous, but confident that you’re in control. You wake up to pee, hit the pause button in your mind and dive back into bed, hoping to plunge back into REM and continue the fantasy.

The ethereal, airy feeling of “Runaways” is like helium for a balloon. Every time I listen to this I begin to mentally float back in time to a rich memory, or one of those special dreams that left its imprint on my mind. I guess if I really want those dreams to continue, I should simply keep playing this song. That’s easy enough. Isn’t that, at its core, exactly what music is supposed to do? Look at that, I figured it all out.