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POWERS — Beat Of My Drum (White Panda Remix)

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For anyone that’s as addicted to dancing as I am these days, this next tune is the one for YOU!, and your feet. White Panda has remixed “Beat Of My Drum” from POWERS, and they’ve made sure that it is dance-floor ready with a progressive house production that starts at 7 and quickly gets us to 10.

There’s something about dancing that finds myself doing it more and more, recently. I guess maybe it’s the escape it provides from all the other madness going on in the world out there. Maybe it’s just the clubs that I go to in order to indulge in dancing that have gotten the formula for escaping down packed. The club seems like the only place I can crank up a song like this to obnoxiously loud volumes in order to completely engulf myself in all of its sonic glories. The drum beats, the horns and synths, the way the music can make you bob and weave in and out of rhythms is best experienced this way, and that’s the thing of it—that the music becomes more of an experience than just an occurrence. I dig that shit so much that I go through withdrawals now when I can’t get to experience music on that level.

Anyway, this is a perfect mid-afternoon, mid-week experience to get the juices going, the blood flowing and your dance shoes ready to rock. And if it just so happens that you’re at work, or in class, or somewhere that you can’t get up and dance, well at least put on your headphones and crank it up as loud as your volume will let you go, and enjoy the escape that White Panda has so generously provided.