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Jodie Abacus – Good Feeling


You know when you hear something and your mood changes? A complete shift in how you are moving and walking.

This track was submitted to help promote Jodie Abacus on his recent release and honestly, I don’t feel like it would need much if everyone had a listen. It reminded me of hearing Michael Jackson for the first time in a while which makes me feel so happy. I honestly take time off listening to old MJ so I can experience it again in a few months. Legend. Bu this track, this voice, he shouldn’t need any other push than the play button.

I was reading through the other talented writers recent posts on this site (what up, Hec) and something he wrote just hit me. It was about writing and the want to release and get out what is bothering you and then getting stopped up and realizing you need to sort it out and foul it up yourself.

It was a shitty week. A shitty a few days. Some shitty people and their shitty attitude and comments throwing shade lately. And then I read that and I called my Dad to take a moment and vent and literally couldn’t think of anything worth wasting our time when we were talking. I just wanted to talk about funny videos I shared with him and plans and dreams and how I thought of him when I watched that new Beach Boy’s movie. We live on opposite sides of the world with a visit every year or two. Time shouldn’t be wasted when it took just putting on a smile to see his smile and then having a hilarious Face Time together. Shitty people vanished immediately.

Good Feeling” is a choice we can make and a song that can put you there. Jodie has this soulful, transcending voice. He has a power to lift with it and the other tracks on his album (Seriously, have a listen to this too). At times, it feels good to feel the dark in your mind and sink in to sadness and acknowledge it, but we can all do with a bit more good feelings and vibes and this track, baby, it does it to you.