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Doe Paoro — Nostalgia (RAC Mix)

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It’s a place where taxi cabs get catcalled at all day and even the umbrellas are sexy. A town where barely anyone belongs to and everyone is from. It’s the place where magic happens and dreams come true and romance has come to still live on.

#NYFW is upon us, at last. Models rushing out of their Ubers, tired from the endless partying around town and overflowing glasses of limitless champagne. Glam squads sweating as if every execution completed were a heart transplant done, and designers just crossing their fingers together hoping that the tireless months of planning “every tiny detail to” fall seamlessly in place. This is the time of year when NYC is at its liveliest, and how can anyone just not love it?

The Rac collective has once again come through in a clutch with another perfect remix for today’s state of affairs: a dance/disco remix of Nostalgia by Doe Paoro and it’s delicious in every sense of the word.

From the sultry whispered vocals of the verses to their anthemic chants on the hook, Rac managed to make them better and take them to a whole other place by adding their golden sonic touch with the production. Not that the original isn’t cool, but it’s certainly not this journey of a remix that your feet and body are simultaneously about to embark on thanks to its classic four-on-the-floor.

Anyway, hit play and hope that some cool ass DJ out there playing at one of the multitude of #NYFW after parties rocks this one out too tonight, because tunes like this are exactly what we hope to hear in the backdrop of Fall Fashion Week’s aesthetic when it comes to sexy partying under the classic bright lights of New York City.

Oh, and repeat after Doe with your champagne hand raised high later on tonight as you weave through the crowd on the dance floor:

I wish you could see
Your history is chaining you
We could let go and never lose
Nostalgia is killing us