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Sara Lov – The Sharpest Knife (featuring Hauschka)

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You don’t know me and
You don’t get to
I really believed that I loved you”

What is a love that is “meant to be“, anyway? Is that not defined as loves that feel the same way about one another?

When two energies collide into one another, get up from the ground to shake themselves off from the impact and then happen to lock eyes, falling madly in love, is that not love? And so what that it doesn’t last another seven decades until the two of you grow old and one of you passes away and then the other just a few hours, days, weeks, months or years later. Who ever said that it had to be all of that?

Love that happens is love that was meant to be. Why is it that we must place limits and rules and regulations on something no one in the world has ever understood? I mean, how can you limit something when you don’t even know what it’s capable of? That’s not even logical when you think of it that way, right?

For some, these loves that happen in an instant and die within seconds of those instants have to be tragic, and it seems here, tonight, that both Hauschka (Volker Bertelmann) with his relaxing, yet tad creepy piano-playing, reminiscent of “Quiet Slumber”, and, Sara Lov with her saddened tone, exhausted exhales and anguished lyrics have perfectly illustrated a tragedy that once was into a musical memory that now is.

Why do always seasons come
And why do they never wait til I’m done.”

If you need to reminisce tonight and cry and ask yourself all of the same ole questions that they will never manage to answer, well then, here you go: