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Wunderwald x Ry Cuming – Always Remember Me

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Finalizing the last of my packing for the move to Cali, I sit here and think about my time in NYC. A few nights ago I had another mishap that kind of made me feel like I was finally over this town. Jail will do those kinds of things to you and trigger such emotions. But today, there’s a calmness in me that has me thinking about my own self growth. At some point or another I have to stop being the boy I am used to being with certain things and finally become the man. You know, similar to the way caterpillars find transformation when turning into butterflies. That’s what I’m in search of. The duality that caterpillars and butterflies get to experience from two worlds that are completely opposite, yet still true only to them.

Watch me as i fall.
Into the water calling.
Watch me as i sink.
Into the sea and always remember, Me.”

I guess NYC has been the caterpillar inside of me. It was me consuming everything that I needed to here in order to sustain my own self into adulthood. It was me gaining the proper knowledges and strengths to have the energy and knowhow to complete the sort of metamorphosis that I now must complete within me.

Wunderwald’s Deep House/Dance Version of Ry Cuming‘s “Always Remember Me” is exactly what I was looking for this weekend, as I’ve been profoundly searching for answers through my own internal data banks in order to figure out what the next steps for the transformation that I await are. As I get ready for a different view of the world, the way that butterflies do and get to experience it, I look forward to the flights above ground and the self-reflection of light that will allow me to shine.

I’m ready for LA.