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Nielk – Light

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I’ve been in search of something out there that is more beautiful than love, but I still haven’t found anything that even comes close. I guess it’s because love, in all its craziness, can put us through every single emotion there is within minutes—heck, maybe even seconds. And I guess that’s what makes love so fantastic to us, right? That one moment we are numb to the pains of the world because our endorphins have us on a love-high, and then the very next millisecond we are left grasping our hearts for air. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that most of us love the kind of masochism involved in riding roller coasters at theme parks.

Should have waited for someone else
I wasn’t happy with loneliness
praying by my bed”

“Light” by Nielk feels awfully similar to those roller coasters of love we enjoy riding, to me. It’s a smooth, chill ride with a tender vocal delivered throughout it, yet some aspect of that delivery seems to inject a heavily melancholic emotion directly into my soul. I’m not sure that this was how it was intended to be, but that’s what it does for me, and I don’t mind it. I guess it goes back to us loving the way something can slap us with several emotions at once. The way we’re attracted to the extremes that love has to offer.

I’ve realized that we take the bad with the good because the good feels great and the bad eventually becomes the only way to get to the good. I think deep inside, all of us “hopeless romantics” here crave the pains of love just as much as we crave its tenderness. I believe that a part of being a hopeless romantic is that hopeless romantics never find boredom.

They say that hell is a bad place where everything goes wrong, and that heaven is a good place where everything goes right. If that is true, then how can love, the way you and I are used to experiencing it, exist in either place?

Then I saw you in the morning light
and it left me dying in shame
but I’m calling out your name again
now baby, in the morning light”