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Pat Lok ft. Dirty Radio – Your Lips

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Better than living something that you can’t remember baby”

I’m in love with my new life, and this right here is the soundtrack to it.

A little over two weeks ago I moved back out to LA. I was bicoastal for some time a few years back and always dug this town’s magical natural energy, but this time around LA seems much better than when I left it. Maybe it’s also because I have as many people here that I care about as I do back home. When you have an endless rolodex of real friends who ride or die for you, life itself is much, much easier.

These day you can catch me on the westside of this town though, tucked somewhere between Marina Del Rey and Venice, stealthily surfing the waves from Redondo to Malibu. The last time I was here I resided in West and then North Hollywood, and although I loved those places too, I always knew the beach is right where I needed to be. I mean, come on, if you’re going to move from thee greatest city in the world, then why not move to a place that is nothing like it. West and even North Hollywood still hold too many of the essences from back home for me, so the only move to be made had to be by the sand. I love it.

As I was saying, I’m in love with my new life because it made a complete 720 degree change. I find myself with two beautiful energies that I love endlessly around me all day and night. I have a pair of lips that I’ve been in love with from the moment I saw them all to myself, and I am endlessly being sun-kissed by this beautiful town that I am growing to adore. I want to dance all the time, and swim, and just smile as I walk from boardwalk to boardwalk, soaking up all of the magic that I once could not see.

That’s it. Life is beautiful, this song rocks and kisses should be the one thing in this world that we are never starved of.

Grab that pair of lips you love, kiss them and enjoy this tune.