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Golden Cameleon – Consuelo

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I’ve had as many ex friends break my heart and destroy my spirit as I’ve had ex lovers do the same. And still, to this day, I have managed to maintain a bigger and brighter smile than yesterday and the day before. I’ve been let down by as many family members as ex lovers and friends combined too, but even still I somehow always find that there is light after those instances of pitch blackness, and that after the light there are even more beautiful sights that you couldn’t have gotten to unless you passed through those dark tunnels of life.

Lauren and I were over. We were maintaining a friendship the way old lovers try to do when they can’t really let go of the comfort that had once kept them glued together rather than move along. Once a month her and I would pick a restaurant to meet at and then pretend that we weren’t seeing or fucking other people, continuing the facade that we were so miserable without each other. I don’t know why we did this for so long, but that night I was there to tell her that I found someone new.

Sometimes life doesn’t goes as planned. Sometimes the beautiful love stories we played out in our heads don’t end up playing out the exact same way in real life and end up taking unscheduled turns down dead ends and dark alleys. Golden Cameleon is here from Peru to let you know that no matter where life takes you that you should never give up on love or it. They are here to continue the belief with their song “Consuelo” (Comfort) that there is always sunshine after the rain, light after the dark, and somehow, even if you don’t understand a word they’re singing, you will absolutely feel that way.

never fall on your knees,
because the floor is hard just like life.
Don’t stop smiling for anything in this world,
because it’s all about being happy.

And yell loudly, so everyone can hear
because the sun shines brighter after a rainy day
Don’t let a day go by without smiling
because life is all about being happy.