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Fono – Everybody Knows (Feat. Anna Straker)


Starting your week the way you start your day is key, that’s why today’s tune is perfect. It’s a bright and energy-filled taste of sunshine, and it’s going to put you in the most excellent mood. Who doesn’t like to start their days and work weeks happy?

It’s important that when you wake up you understand that the day ahead can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a great day before you even get out of bed, and understanding that you are the one in complete control of how your day goes is clutch to that. Negative people are products of negative programming. This is due to their programmers (parents or parental figures) and how their programmers dealt with their own experiences. That is why it is so hard to deprogram another human from the only things they know  because it is YEARS of programming that have to first be unfolded in order to find the root problems, to then be reprogrammed by understanding where the faults lie and how to counteract them. It’s the same dilemma, on the opposite side of the spectrum, found with students attempting to become computer scientists today ( It takes years to become an expert at something, the same way it takes years to detach a human from lifelong habits that could be affecting their state of being as well as mind. It is only when a dedicated individual wants to become more positive that deprogramming can actually work.

On an easier note, for those of you that are already positive or have already started being more positive in your everyday lives, the simplicity of the method is easy. All you have to do is smile when you wake up, tell yourself that you’re going to have an amazing day and be grateful for everything you see: the sun shining, the delicious cup of coffee and the smiles that you do get over the ones you don’t as you make your way to work or school. It’s honestly just knowing, feeling and believing that all the good shit that can possibly happen, will.

Remember that everything in life has a balance to it. Ying has Yang, Good has Evil, Day has night, but no one said that you had to pick a side and stick to it forever, and no one said that you even have to live on a side that you never asked for.