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Edith Piaf – La Vie En Rose


Our attention has been brought to the city of lights in their time of need. In a time of sadness for the people and the country. It is an unsettling reminder that there is still hate, misunderstanding and misguidance of some that believe that their ideal world can only be realised through ending the lives and upsetting the infrastructures of the world around them.

I was first informed of this horrible act by Facebook alerts (actually a pretty amazing feature that lets you know that your friends in a disaster area are OK). Then the inevitable flurry of changes to profiles with the French colours and #prayforparis filling all corners of the internet.

Being someone who lacks a definite religion, not faith, it is a frustration of mine  that the first reaction for some is to pray for Paris. I read something posted which really resonated with my sentiments from French comic John Sfar:

Friends from the whole world, thank you for #prayforparis, but we don’t need more religion! Our faith goes to music! Kisses! Life! Champagne and joy! #Parisisaboutlife.”

I believe we should do what we need to do in times of hardship (be that pray, cry, hug, scream, ask questions and so on…), in times when we have trouble seeing the light in darkness, even when we know that darkness is obsolete without the existence of light. I love the quote and the message we can get from it. I suppose I feel uncomfortable that some react by giving religious sentiments after an act by misguided radicals who create the darkest of times in the name of a higher power. This shouldn’t reflect on the Islamic community as a whole, but a select few who are operating within it. I digress, if praying is what will bring solace, then seek it. But respect the situation on at very least a superficial level and let our actions speak louder than the thoughts and vibes we put forth, for ourselves and each other. The  fact we are focused on this one incident, rather than the larger picture that involves the lives of those in Bahgdad and Damascus, is more disheartening. We have brought attention to one incident rather than the larger picture of an issue against humanity and the value of all life on a large scale. But today, I believe we should promise our attention to France.

Parisians and the unity of their nation inspires in so many of us around the world something that cannot be darkened. It cannot be taken. It is the city of love. It is the city of lights. It is the city of music. It is the city of culture. It is the city of freedom. It is a city of so much more. It is something we can rise together to protect and support with our allies. However we can.

To the people of Paris, we know you have that heart and we know you got that soul. Here is a tune from your vaults of beautiful music to hopefully bring some light to your darkness.

Never allow the heartlessness of others to disillusion you that there is a lack of love in the world. We know violence doesn’t stop violence. We must create an act larger than the hate that has soiled our world. It is after all the one world we share together.


J’aime Paris. x