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The Attic Sleepers Vs Morten Hampenberg – Airport


I’ve lost all track of time over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been in an endless blackhole of the mind. My thoughts change faster than my eyes can see. One minute I’m thinking of where my life is going and the next millisecond I’m thinking of where it’s been. At times, parts of both intertwine and I can’t tell what’s the reality that really occurred and the one that is only projection.

Without structure the mind goes wild. It takes us to places that we can’t afford to go to and leaves us there to figure things out for our own. The same mind that we’re supposed to use to grow and learn is the same mind that will dare us to do things we know we shouldn’t. That’s where I am right now. In a place that leaves me wondering if my mind is sane or if it is going berserk from all the pressure that has mounted on it lately. And then I recognize that pressure comes from impatience, and as this tune titled “Airport” keeps playing I feel myself coming back down to steady ground, and calming down completely. My shoulders drop and a long winded breath fills my chest.

The therapy that is music is unmatched in my world. I am grateful to have a platform to rid myself of all angst and balance my mind in the process. Writing has been therapeutic as well, but without the sounds to the words that are happening in my head, the dialogue to my world may just be another dull soap opera. It’s the music that makes it so eventful; so alive.

For those of you out there that are still learning how to effectively meditate, just turn this on, put it on repeat and let your mind go wherever it wishes to. Put on some headphones, turn off the lights and lay down in bed. Even if words to write don’t come to you, images and good thoughts, at the very least, will.