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Oh, Be Clever – Blanket


“Character is all you have in the dark”

Part of growing up means handling your own shit. It means being responsible for you and the decisions you make. It means paying your bills on time and making sure you don’t fuck up your credit because without credit, here in America, one cannot elevate. Yes, America is ran on financial slavery, but that’s a conversation for some other day.

Growing up means dealing with the consequences of your actions because only kids get to hide from theirs. For us, the consequences turn very real, so it’s either you learn from the mistakes of others on their advices, or you learn from your own mistakes. One is less stressful than the other, but I will save that for you to decide because I have learned that you can advise someone until you turn blue in the face, and they will still go against that advice if what’s in their heart is more powerful than what’s in their logical minds. Hell, the heart has a way of blinding the logical mind as it is anyway, so that’s just a losing battle that I find myself no longer having the time for.

I can’t keep pulling the blanket up over my head
Keep pullin’ the same shit over, and over again”

Above everything, is the idea that most of us are raised on, which is simply to be and do good by everyone. At the end of the day, all we have is who we are and who we are is a direct result of how we are, and how we are is a direct connection of how we treat others. We’re told to always do good, and we know fully well when what we are doing is not so good because of those same teachings. Sure, we can bitch and moan that “we didn’t know”, or that we weren’t aware, but we always know. We, always, know.

In a spiral I’m going down, down, down
In denial I’m going round, and round
I’m a cancer to myself
Is it over now?
Is it over now?”

The bottom line is that we must make bigger strides to be good people. We must break the bullshit molds that society has falsely placed on success. Things such as the nice guy finishing last, or the cocky, arrogant, narcissistic finance guys making all the bread. Sure, there are cases where this holds valid because there are people that have succeeded while being despicable pieces of shit, but in the long run being good is a level of peace that they will never know, nor could ever achieve. That right there is success. To become a staple in your career and in life by simply being good to everyone. Treating everyone like they are the same because all we are is blood, bones and skin anyway.

There’s no hiding from the atrocities and mean spirited shit that you have done. No. If those things don’t come back to you in some form they will haunt you in another. Your mind will never know the ease of peace and there are no blankets that you can pull over your head to hide from those dark truths. There is however, no reward, award, certificate or ceremony for just being good either. The bonus is simply peace of mind, peace of soul and peace of spirit.