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OKAY-KAYA – I’m Stupid (But I Love You)

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I’m so stupid
But I love you”

Elise didn’t know how to say that she was devastated because she had never spoke her true feelings to Jason. She just sat there and watched as her best friend Chelsea and him kissed for the first time out in the balcony at Matt’s penthouse as the clock struck twelve midnight and everyone at the party yelled: “HAPPY NEW YEAR!“. She had left the group of people that were out smoking in the balcony to get a glass of champagne in time for the countdown. Somewhere inside she imagined that she would have been the one to give Jason his first kiss of the new year, and that during that kiss they would discover their hidden desire for one another and fall in love. She never would have imagined that Chelsea would be the one to shatter those dreams.

A smitten Jason popped up behind her in the bathroom line with the look of someone who had seen a Unicorn by a waterfall for the first time and just watched it for hours. Head in the clouds, he couldn’t stop talking about how magical the kiss Chelsea and him had just shared was. Elise wanted to die with each other syllable that came out of his mouth. She pictured a slow death, maybe something that involved some poison or another and a lot of prolonged choking. She wanted to yell at Jason for being so oblivious to her love, but she also knew that she made sure he would never have any idea of those infatuations she spent her days in.

I don’t wanna stay but
There’s just no way
I’m leaving darling
Let’s go back to the start
Falling apart
Please believe me

I’m so stupid
But I love you”

Almost a decade later Chelsea and Jason would get divorced, Elise could never really settle down with anyone and they would be seeing each other again over at Matt’s penthouse in Tudor City in just another week and a half. Chelsea and Jason had moved up to Buffalo a year after that original kiss, and in her sorrow Elise had taken off to L.A. and made a life out there in music.

The daydreams that began to materialize in anticipation of New Year’s Eve had now become the best part of their entire story.

To be continued…