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Indigo, Tha Blu – Escapism

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Escapism is better than racism/ and racism is better than blatant hate on rape victim/ who made children based on the dumb mistake of a straight villain/ there’s always something worse than you and me 

I slit my wrists, no blood exists/ my heart don’t pump, it gives no shits/ I pump my fist to tears you sniff/ the perfect beat we don’t forget/ no metronome can keep the bliss/ if Cupid aimed he must’ve missed/ my monthly arrows keep me focused on you and me/

I’ve been dead for the longest/ 

So high, the spongebob I’m watching looks like a rhombus/ 

With the TV on mute/ and the music on tune/ and my sobs in the background thanks to me loosing you/ 

And I can’t tell if these are tears are not/ But forget em, I forget that I’m supposed to be a juggernaut, an argonaut, a high school jock/ But I can only think about you talking about the gaping holes in my sock/ I miss your mom

This ain’t a poem, it’s just the only way I stop myself from going/ going insane, cutting my wrists, drinking goose to a coma/ and crying to the Aroma of the bracelet that you borrowed/ I still have the bracelet you let me borrow/ 

Escapism is a track off of Kenny Jones’, aka, Indigo, Tha Blu‘s latest EP titled: Dystopia.1. It’s not a poem, and his EP should not be considered music, but pure art, instead. You may also want to take a listen to the title track “2 Live N’ Dystopia” which showcases his rap skills over a mellow and super chill trap beat. Think: Live.Love.A$AP album material on this one. Indigo, Tha Blu is a cooler Toro y Moi, a cooler Frank Ocean, a cooler Travis Scott and a much cooler Tyler, The Creator. Hopefully for the rest of us he drops much more music in Twenty-Sixteen.

2 Live N’ Dystopia