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Youth Policy – Wanderer’s Waltz

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One of the hardest things to maintain in this life is consistency. Exercise regimens, feeding schedules, diet plans. They all become meaningless fantasies without it. They become dreams, thoughts or just words simply said in conversation to let others know or think that you have some sort of grasp on your very own life. The truth of the matter is that most of us are only consistent and being inconsistent.

I can’t understand what “consistency” means for any of you. I can only explain it until my fingertips bleed down to the bones and those bones wear down to dust.

Consistency is doing the same thing you did yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you have four days in a week and you are consistent with your diet plan for two of those four, then guess what? You are inconsistent at trying to keep that diet plan consistent. It’s really just that simple. That black and white. That abruptly bare.

In order to see change and progression in something, whether that something exists in ourselves or outside of our selfs, we must learn to be consistent. We must understand that the moment we change a variable in the equation then that consistency goes out the door. It’s like plants or trees. They need consistency to grow; to thrive. They require a certain amount of consistency to live long and beautiful lives.

Think of the next thing you need consistency in as a seed that you want to see grow into one of those beautiful trees. The moment you become inconsistent in its growth becomes the very moment you kill it. Just like your resolutions last year, and probably many of your ambitions until now.

Oh, and here is another quick lesson. Never devalue someone else’s work because your own career may be more of a joke, in reality, than what you think might simply be someone else’s hobby. When history has its day, you just might be the only fool that is forgotten.

Anyway, consistency must be maintained in order for you to reach your dreams and goals. Let’s all try to do more of it in 2016.