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Olu – Closure

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Sometimes I wear my headphones to listen to new music. Sometimes I wear my headphones to not have to hear the rest of the world’s mundane rants and topics. You’d be surprised at the nonsense people spend their days discussing. What a fucking waste of breath.

Sometimes I wear my headphones to drown out the unnecessary noises in my head. How I can’t stand so and so. How I wish things were the way they used to be. How I hope that some day we will be what we all once were. All those noises, plus a hundred thousand more, simultaneously going on in my mind.

Sometimes I wear my headphones on trains and planes with no music happening inside them just so no one gets the bright idea to spark up another moronic conversation with me about shit I give zero fucks about and people I will never meet. I don’t care about anything in your world. I have my own that keeps me quite happy the way it is.

Sometimes, I never even pull my headphones out of their bag. It’s usually then when someone finds a way to chat me up. I just politely listen, repeat a few of their last words until their stop arrives, or mine, and then I go on with my day because sometimes those stories they just had to tell someone are like music all on its own.

Sometimes, I fall asleep with my headphones on and dream of a world where any song we wish to listen to, plays over our heads through a magical speaker that flies over each and everyone of us.

Sometimes I wake up from nightmares only to find that I had fallen asleep with my headphones on and the world isn’t so bad after all.

Sometimes I just hit play and let the laptop’s speakers talk to me as I kickback, listen and smile. Headphones at both our sides.

Merry Christmas.