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Michel Cleis & Klement Bonelli – Marvinello feat. Martin Wilson (Kulkid Radio Mix)

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As I sit next to my nephew playing video games I wonder about happiness. I’ve been super blessed over the last year, but failed to realize the depression in my 14 year old nephew once I started making time for him.

As an entrepreneur holding down a full time job, I have limited time. However, I saw the importance of carving out part of my week dedicated to him. When we first started kicking it he didn’t say much. He didn’t eat; he was closed off. After many moons he started to come around. He began to smile.  He got his appetite back. He was open.

My goal as an uncle has always been to love him, push him in academics and drop wisdom on him so he doesn’t make the same mistakes as I did. This song brings me back to a moment where we had a talk about life.

We talked about missing opportunities. We spoke about not taking chances. As I’ve been through a season of depression, it’s yourself who is your biggest critic. Once I got over myself and danced, shit became easier.

Songs like this just make me happy. I can’t sit still. Here is to my nephew’s happiness this new year coming.

Matthew C. Torres