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Half Waif – Nest

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The ball drops at the stroke of midnight and he pulls you in closely to plant a kiss on your awaiting lips. Thursday, February 11th, 2016, you get a text from him that says he has to head out of town for business on Sunday the 14th, so he will celebrate with you on Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th. Two amazing dinners and a beautiful new watch later you are still smitten. Aspen in March, Coachella in April, Thailand in May. You convince yourself that those ten to twelve days you get with him every month are all anyone needs. Questions never arise as long as he continues to come around.

A couple of weekends in The Hamptons for June and July, and then he whisks you away to Burning Man in August. Labor Day Weekend is spent somewhere on the French Riviera with some of his business associates.

Halloween in Dubai is epic. He can’t make Thanksgiving dinner with you and your family this year because of work travels. You get boxes of gifts for Christmas, but not him. It’s still enough. It’s still all very dreamy.

New Year’s Eve comes back again and in 2017 you vow that things will be different. You vow that he will have to become a full-timer. It’s not at the top of your New Year’s Resolutions List, but it is surely in the top 10.

Another year goes by like the ticks of this tune and New Year’s Eve 2017 is spend with your girls. He’s away on a business trip that could not be moved. The deal is one of the biggest ever, for him. No “Happy New Year’s” text message at the stroke of twelve.