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Nada Funk – What’s on our mind

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 10.55.53 AM

January is the month that you do less of what turned out bad for you in 2015, and much more of all the things that turned out good. If you ran a marathon in 2015 then you’re running three in 2016. If you went through tough times financially, then you certainly don’t repeat another year like the one you just had.

Tomorrow is Monday and the unofficial start of the new year, so why not get ready for it today. Let’s not all be those cliches of putting the things that we can do right now, off for tomorrow. Part of being able to progress year-over-year and make adjustments to the lives we live is doing the exact opposite of that.

What’s on your mind” by Nada Funk is a medley of mini-productions all happening simultaneously while interweaving sound waves pound against your body forcing it to dance in your seat. If you check out the artwork you’ll see a bunch of circus acts performing at the same time. If they could all perform around one another, seamlessly, then that circus becomes something special of which separates it from everything else out there. That’s precisely what you get with this Nada Funk creation right here. A medley of familiar sounds and tones that band together to form something never heard like it before.

While you’re still contemplating about getting a jump on your 2016 before you let another year get a jump on you, hit play below and let the vibes tell you what to do. The force is strong in this one.