Shuhandz & High Flown – Let Me Love You

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There are millions of people each day who cross paths with thousands of people daily, all living in NYC. And still, they all have to resort to online presences and profiles to meet and find love. ‘Mind-boggling!”, I say.

The focus of 2016 is to hone in on my own shortcomings. Listening to Erv on the ride home earlier complain about all of his old relationships was the best advice I could have subliminally & unexpectedly received today. We can only know what is good for us by experiencing what isn’t. The more we figure out what isn’t good for us, the closer we arrive to what actually is. ‘Well, that’s only true if we have the willpower to stay away from what is wrong for us.’ We all have this way of being attracted to the things that are the absolute worst for us. Moths to light. You remember, don’t you?

As I was saying, our very own shortcomings is what we should make ourselves hyperaware of in 2016, so that we can spot the energies that are most likely to provide balance for us in our lives, and vice-versa. Think of this all as a seesaw; on the one side, if it’s too heavy it becomes dominant-sided. But if it’s too light, it gets boring real fucking fast.

Anyway, if you have five minutes to reflect on your life, just everything that happened today (good or bad), and where you want to be in five years—press play. It’s an instrumental that deals with the reality that is: “YOUR! life”. It continues a mood that many of you just might appreciate, tonight.