Show Clothes – Pool Party ft. Gavriella

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.44.05 PM

The crew is out at an office party at Bounce on 21st Street, right now. Tonight’s the kind of frozen winter night in NYC where you throw on your latest wool knit, your dopest pair of new gloves and you head out knowing that the word: “sexy”, in the dictionary, will have a photo of you right next to it.

It’s the kind of New York City night that many of you came here for in the first f$&ing place, and, the sort of night that the other half of the population only gets to dream of. Heck, even when they’re dreaming of that kind of life, and those kind of nights, there’s still something inside of them that wonders if legendary nights like that even exist at all.

I can tell you that these epic nights happen way more often than they should; way more often that they need to..

Dance with me, into the night—alright.”

This seductive tune by Chi-town producer Show Clothes is exactly what these nights entail. Quite simply, it’s got a racy bassline that mimics the way these sort of evenings beat. Topped off by sensual vocals that provoke that feeling of sexiness everyone imagines happens when you hit up one of NYC’s hottest spots on a Tuesday late at night (‘while the blue collars and freshly implanted residents try to stay warm’), Gavriella adds the final touches like sparklers in the distance that pave the way to your space for everyone else to see, letting the world know that she has now arrived, too.

Oh, there’s plenty of heat where we’re going, but it ain’t for everyone. Noit sure ain’t for everyone.

If ya wanna party like me we don’t play cool in the VIP
Walk in the club don’t pay no fee
walk to the back door who needs ID.” —David Rush

If you’re up and getting ready to run out into this frigid darkness that’s taken over the city tonight, just hit play and remember why you’re not staying at home just netflix & chillin’ it. I mean, in order to experience epic moments you sure as hell can’t do so from your bed or your couch, right? You already know exactly what happens there anyway, and is that really what you’re living in this great town for? Couldn’t you just ship that bed or mattress somewhere else and do the same things there?

Anyway, I’ll see you on the dance-floor later tonight. Where we end up, only this magical metropolis seems to know.