Lemaitre – Nishio 2 feat. Giraffage

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I used to spend my time wondering about loves that never made it. I never once thought about all the loves that have never been. Stolen glances on the train or across train station platforms. Revealing glazes coming in and out of bathrooms at dance clubs. Banter and shared laughs at brunch. I am a victim of love and falling in love. I do it every five minutes, especially whenever I’m in NYC. It’s so easy there. But I never thought about how much heartbreak I would have endured if anything more than whatever took place came out of these micro-loves that only occurred in my head. It’s one thing to go out into the world and fall in love with every step you take. It’s another to fall in love, make it yours and then have it ripped right out of your hands to never see it again, all within a matter of seconds.

I’m so happy I never met you.
Our time together would be too short inside.”

Lemaitre partners up with producer Giraffage on this new classic titled “Nishio 2″, and it’s magic. It’s reminiscent of something we would have heard from Madeon just a few years ago, and to me, it gets deeper as a wild blend of Justice and Hermitude played loudly at some cool underground fashion show where only the true creatives are in attendance, as it marks the start of the show. Beautiful models dressed in their everyday wear hopping and skipping down the runway as if they were young pop stars with brushes in their hands mimicking microphones and wild hairdos molded to their craziest bed-head hairstyles from memories of their youth.

Lemaitre plays an alluring pair of loops that feature another pair of ambient interludes, all like the show it hands us as the audience to this sonic showcase of aural fashions. The electro feel intertwined with the 8-bit sounds of Giraffage‘s production come together beautifully to make us dance, listen and vibe out.

A perfect tune for a weekend that’s promising to be pretty uneventful in terms of socializing.

Here’s to the loves that never got a chance of being. The beautiful boys and girls two platforms away on the subway, headed in the opposite direction. The lovely smile zooming by on an express train that you were only able catch a micro-glimpse of, but are sure was probably the most gorgeous smile you have ever seen.

Stay Warm New York.