Givers & Takers – Start The Morning

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If you’re a sucker for soulful basslines, smooth vocals and a swig of your morning coffee or a hit of that morning cigarette, “Start The Morning” by Givers & Takers will become an instant favorite.

Morning routines become ritual. It’s the one of the few times of the day where we are left alone with our thoughts. At least for me, that’s why I love starting my mornings dark and early, before the sun has even come up. I get to be alone with all of my craziest thoughts while reading all of the craziest news the world has to offer. I can pass judgement on everyone without anyone knowing. I get to shake my head in disgust at the political policies and current happenings of other countries. I’m able to yell my loudest (on the inside) at our own country of hypocritical rules, regulations, agendas and ideas. The most empathetic moments in my life have been at the times where I can be the most alone with my thoughts.

It’s rare that anyone enjoys to be disrupted in their rituals by anything, so this track will be happily and warmly accepted and embraced on this Thursday morning. Whatever your morning rituals are, late or extra early, you are most likely to enjoy the smooth sounds your about to hear. In fact, do yourself a favor and put it on repeat if you have some of that assembly type work to get out of your “Things To Do List”.

No matter where you are this morning, East Coast in NYC, Boston or Philly; West Coast in LA, Portland or Seattle, “Start The Morning” is the perfect tune to begin another full day of life to live.

Come a long, long way
For you to show me.
Just how long it takes,
To clean the pipes
And start the morning.”