Sea Span – Winter Sublet

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Just go with your gut. That’s the answer. Yea, I’m talking directly to you. Weren’t you the one pondering that decision in your head anyway?

Stop listening to your mothers and fathers, boy/girlfriends and lovers. The decision you wanted to make was already made before you asked. It was made before they gave you their fu$&ing uneducated opinions.

People want you to make the decisions they think that they would make in your situation, but NO ONE knows our situations like we do because no one has been where we have been; because no one comes from where we come from.

I don’t want you to allow others to get inside of your head, anymore. I’m tired of you making decisions based on what other people say. Clueless people. People who have always been too afraid to do anything they’ve really wanted to do with their lives. People who live in boxes with invisible limits they adhere to.

I’m sick of listening to their unwarranted opinions about the choices and decisions that your heart makes. It’s YOUR heart that resides in your chest. It should be your mind, spirit and soul that decide what the best routes for you are. And mostly, they do. They all get together and come to the conclusions and pick the right options that they feel will be the best. And guess what? Maybe those decisions don’t turn out so good, and maybe the do. Who cares? It’s your life to live. Live it the way you want to.

Winter Sublet” is a little sonic slice of pensive energy to help you relax your mind and decide what path you are about to choose and embark on. Hit play and let it soothe your soul into musical mediation. Let it speak to you, if that’s what it’s meant to do, and let it take you wherever it is meant to take you. At the end of the day, it’s just you, your heart, mind, spirit and soul that will have to live with whatever choice you decide to make. With whatever paths you pick to take.

I don’t know if I’ll stay.”