Mura Masa – Are You There (KATARAXXIA Remix)

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.53.38 PM

You know how one moment, you’ll be checking your snaps, and then someone will text you and you’ll head on over to read that text message. And then, halfway through reading that text, someone will DM you on the gram.

In the meantime, there’s music playing in the background and you’re thinking about what your lunch options are because lunch is in a couple of hours.

Well, that is exactly what this KATARAXXIA Remix you are about to listen to is going to be like, andit’s fuc$&ng, dope. 

I’m excited man. I’m excited to get back to the hustle & bustle of the city. New York, that is. I’m excited to hit up: Joe & The Juice, and get some work done from inside of there; zero distractions. I’m excited to hit Lure up, on Prince & Mercer, for some good old-fashioned SoHo Happy-Hour vibes. I’m excited to run across the street for a coconut-watered martini, or two.

I’m excited for late-night cab rides up a desolate Madison Ave on the Upper West Side to Harlem. I’m excited for late-evening studio meetings on Wall Street rooftops. I’m even more excited for late night studio sessions that turn into this summer’s next anthem.

To be frank, I love Cali. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have seen in the world, in both energy and vibe. It has a beautiful heartbeat that loves to skip a couple of steps, here and there. I dig it more than I once thought I would have. But I can’t stay. I have to go where my heart is, and my heart is back in NYC.

I guess this is me breaking up with LA and getting that devastated and sad feeling I tend to get when I know something is officially over. That crushed and defeated sense of being. This is me telling Cali that: ‘It’s over”, and simply just being affected by that decision. That’s pretty normal, no?

This remix brings all of those emotions to it. The excitement, mixed with the sadness, mixed with the constant sense of adventure, mixed with the fun of it all.

Like I said, it’s dope.