Madonna – Secret (Savrsi Remix)

Naomi and Kate in #secretproject #madonna

I would meet her at the Starbucks on 63rd and Broadway, two years ago, during #NYFW. I was working from there for the day because the internet at the office was down. I guess you can imagine that it was packed as all hell with people coming to see the shows that winter. She would ask to share my table with me. I would look up and see one of the most flawless smiles I had ever seen and of course, I would say yes. 

After a while, she would ask me for the time. I’d give it to her and somehow get into some light conversation. She would tell me that she was in town to walk the runway at a show.

Over the next couple of hours, we would laugh, smile a whole lot and talk about our lives. She was staying at the hotel just above us, The Empire Hotel, and she would invite me to see her walk that show in two days. I would invite her out that same night.

We would dance until dawn and drink the entire night through. We would wake up hungover, next to one another, and go out for breakfast that following morning. I would see her again that night and for the next two nights after that. It would be nothing more than another beautiful tornado that touched down on my town, turned shit upside-down and disappeared into thin air.

It was magical. It was perfect. I ‘d spot her a few days later on Instagram, with her boyfriend.